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1262 Days ago CPorter On Wednesday, April 16, 2003


This guy is a habitual bad driver: overtakes when it isn t safe, tailgates, and worst of all, what he did to me recently. He approached quickly from behind, tailgated, then gestured angrily for me to let him past. Before I could think of what to do he overtook. As he went, he slowed and stared, making obscene gestures. Then it got worse. After he got in front, he suddenly slammed on his brakes and STOPPED! (Sending up a cloud of blue smoke from his tyres). I still don"t know how I didn"t hit him, but it was frighteningly close. ...

1262 Days ago vertuas On Wednesday, July 23, 2003


Traveling up ferrybridge hill towards crossroads with A645, second car behind a police 4 wheel drive, like a freelander if it wasn t one.Police vehicle was showing no blue light and had no sirens on.This road is clearly signposted as a 30mph speed limit. Police vehicle travelling at around 42mph.Drive past a Junior and infants school, police driver did not even attempt to slow his speed.As they vehical was not travelling to an emergency (no lights/siren) then it should have been observing the speed limit in place.The driver should be reprimanded for this.

1262 Days ago craigareilly On Saturday, July 19, 2003


While driving towards Consett from the Castleside area through a 30 mph zone, a Royal Mail van came screaming up behind me and started following at what must have been only 2 inches behind me (I m not exagerating!). As we entered a 50 mph zone, there is still nothing more than a kitten s whisker between his front bumper and my back end. He was also driving very close to the curb on what is quite a wide road, for a moment I thought he was trying to undertake me!At a round-a-bout he used the left lane to make ...

1262 Days ago Coops On Thursday, July 03, 2003

K215 GKU

Driving into town with a blind bend to the right infront of me, with a parked van in the worst possible place on the corner.This Nova comes speeding round the bend towards me having to swerve into my side of the road to miss the van and nearly planting himself into the front of my car.Took the corner way too fast considering there was a van blocking the view. Bloody muppet

1262 Days ago pigball On Monday, June 30, 2003

F527 JWD

Waiting in the middle lane of 3 to take the second exit onto Boardsley Circus to exit onto Boardsley Middleway towards Camphill Island in Birmingham. In the left lane was said Volvo not displaying any indicators so i assumed that they to were taking the 2nd exit as it is a 2 lane road. As passed the 1st exit i put on the left indicator to show i was turning off and positioned myself to exit onto the right lane of Boardsley Middleway to allow the Volvo (still not indicating, but hey, this is Birmingham..) to use the left lane ...

1262 Days ago mysteryman On Tuesday, July 01, 2003

G586 WYK

On the approach to Petworth south bound, two cars passed me at speed approaching a bend, the first car is followed closely by a dark blue left hand drive VW. Then they both proceed to overtake a car in front of me. By this time the left-hand bend is very close, there is no way that the VW driver could see ahead enough to be safe but he still followed the first car through. He then proceeds through Petworth still south bound where there is a long strait just before Duncton, with a junction on the right hand side about ...

1262 Days ago rjhpox On Thursday, July 03, 2003

W 880 FUD

As the road bends left near Keble road the van cuts in close to the kerb, totally ignoring the 4 foot wide cycle lane, with me going along in it, then out of it onto the pavement. I had "seen it coming" to some extent so I had started evasive action to avoid my own injury - good job there were no pedestrians on the pavement at the time.I find this sort of manoeuvre a common occurence, I hope most drivers reading this look before they move into another lane - I m sure you all do.


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