Light Blue - BMW

W489 XBW
Saturday, July 16, 2005

Make - BMW
Model - 5 Series
County - Shropshire
Road/Location - Donnington, Telford

Waiting to turn right out of the car wash opposite Asda, I see a light blue BMW 5-series and a silver Golf to my right. I look left, and it is clear. I look right again, and both the BMW and Golf are both signalling left to pull into the car wash.

So I pull out to turn right.

As I pull out, the BMW passes the turn for the car wash (still with her fucking left indicator winking) and ploughs on towards me! We miss by inches. She lays on her horn at me!!!!

Cue me effing and blinding at her, and she looks at me as if I am in the fucking wrong!

Listen, if you are reading this you inept, rancid bint, next time use your fucking indicators to demonstrate to other road users what you INTEND to do NOT what you have just done. ALLRIGHT.


Have I not read somewhere that failing to cancel your indicators after a manoever is classed as "driving without due care and attention"????

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